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About Me

family picture. Mom and 2 kids
Girl holding sticks for workout class

I'm Melissa Jacobs

Like many, I have spent a huge amount of time searching for my purpose in life. I've had moments of success in finding it, followed by moments of defeat and once again feeling lost as the seasons of my life changed.

But always, at the heart of what I love and what excites me most, is the pursuit of health and wellness and finding ways I can support others on their journey to health and happiness.

I believe that there is a strong correlation between mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, and in order to feel balanced and fulfilled in life, there needs to be a component of fulfillment in these 3 areas. Finding this balance, is what I can help you with.

I am a certified life and health coach and have spent many years in social work, supporting and coaching individuals through difficult times in their lives. I know that passion and purpose are what keep people going, even when they feel like giving up.

I am also certified in Conscious Connected Breathwork, Level 2 Reiki and POUND fitness to name a few.

It is my goal to share with the world some of the tools and practices I have learned, to help spread wellness.

We have one life to live in this body, we might as well make it amazing!

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